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Course Description

ETL Testing:

Course Description:

ETL Testing training is an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of Data warehousing and business intelligence concepts through real-world examples to use the ETL Tester, efficiently. Also, ETL means “Extraction of data from various applications” developed & supported by various vendors, managed & operated by various persons hosted on different technologies “into Staging tables-Transform data from staging tables by applying a series of rules or functions. Before getting into ETL you should have a thorough knowledge of SQL, and RDBMS. It is not mandatory to learn SQL but you will be able to co-relate between various transformations in logic. 


Through this course, you will learn about Data Ware Housing, ETL Testing, ETL Testing Workflow activities involved, Types of ETL Testing, Different ETL tools available in the market, Power Center Components, Informatica Concepts and Overview, Sources, Targets, Active and Passive Transformations, Workflow Manager, Performance Tuning. 

Why to choose ETL Testing Course?

 Following are the factors that show how vital the ETL Testing course is:

The average package for ETL testing in India is 5.5 lac per annum.

You can fastly, easily learn it.

It has a great future scope and sooner average package can increase.


Why to choose TestBug for ETL Testing Course:

 Following are a few factors that really made us so special to choose:

  • 50+ hours of intensive & focused training
  • 30% concept sessions & 70% demonstration
  • You receive the best training and guidance from 10 plus years of industry experts. 
  • Classes for Starting and Advanced Levels.
  • Deep practical knowledge & Hands-on lab.
  • Real-time project use cases & scenarios from the various Industries.
  • ETL testing Certification Preparation tips.
  • Discussing various questions related to subject
  • Not only teaching we involve every student to practice during class time too.
  • We provide one to one mentor support.
  • We also conduct Group Labs and Hackathons
  • For every student, we also provide a personalized learning plan.



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