Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) Certification Training

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Basically, Microsoft Business Intelligence is a complete set of BI tools from Microsoft Corporation to transform DATA(which can understand by Machine) into Information(which can be understood by Human beings). MSBI can extract, transform and load data.

MSBI can be used to make reports to visualize the data. MSBI can be used to do analytics by creating time based calculations like MTD(Month to Date), QT(Quarter to Date), YTD (Year to Date), Prior, YoY(Year over Year) and %YoY(Percentage of Year over Year).

The complete MSBI stack here is

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Service)

SSAS(SQL Server Analysis Service)

SSRS(SQL Server Reporting Service)

Why to choose  Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) Course?

 Following are the factors that show how important the Tableau course is:

The average package for Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) in India is 6 lac per annum.

You can fastly, easily learn it.

It has a great future scope and sooner average package can increase.

Why to choose TestBug for Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) Course:

 Following are a few factors that really made us so special to choose:

  • 50+ hours of intensive & focused training
  • 30% concept sessions & 70% demonstration
  • You receive the best training and guidance from 10 plus years of industry experts. 
  • Classes for Starting and Advanced Levels.
  • We will help every student with four real time projects.
  • Not only teaching we involve every student to practice during class time too.
  • We provide one to one mentor support.
  • We also conduct Group Labs and Hackathons
  • For every student, we also provide a personalized learning plan.
  • 100% Practical exposure
  • Job-oriented training methods
  • Mock tests + mock up interviews
  • Resume Preparation
  • 100% Guaranteed placement assistance
  • MSBI certification
  • We also provide a regular, FastTrack course for Microsoft Business Intelligence (MSBI) 
  • We also offer profitable and flexible payment plans.
  • 24/7 support.



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