Day 1 Introduction to SOAP Protocol
Explain about SOAP Testing
More Examples
Explain why SOAP Protocol?
Day 2 Introduction to SOAP UI tool
Different Types SOAPUI Tool
SOAPUI Open Source
SOAP UI Pro tool (Ready API)
Day 3 Explain WSDL
Explain about SOAP+XML
HTTP importance in Web services Testing
Day 4 WSDLs execution in SOAPUI tool
Practise different WSDLs testing in SOAPUI Tool
Day 5 Explain Assertion in SOAPUI Tool
Different Types of Assertions
X path vs X Query
Absolute Xpath vs Relative Xpath
Day 6 Properties in SOAPUI tool
Explain custom Properties in SOAPUI tool
-Global Properties
-Project Properties
-Test Suite Properties
-Test Case Properties
-Test Step Properties
Day 7 Property Transfer in SOAPUI tool
Property Transfer – Direct Test Step
Property Transfer – custom properties
Day 8 Introduction to Ready API tool
Explain Differences between SOAPUI Free vs Pro
Introduction to Data Driven Testing
Explore about Data Source vs Data Source Loop
Process of Data Driven Testing
Day 9 Introduction to Data Sink
Practice on Data Sink
Data Sink – Text File
Data Sink – Excel File
Data Driven with Data Sink
Day 10 Explain Conditional Go to step
Explain Delay Test step
Explain Manual Test step
Explore Assertion Test step
Day 11 JDBC in SOAP UI tool
Explain Driver Name and Connection String
JDBC Assertions
Day 12 DataGen step in Ready API tool
Reports in Ready API tool
Console Reports concepts
Reports in Free tool Launch Test Runner
Day 13 Mock Services in SOAPUI tool
Endpoint Parameterization
Environment setup in Free tool and PRO tool
Day 14 Web Services Project explanation
Interview Questions and Answers discussion
Resume preparation
Naukri Launching and Keyword setup
Day 15 Explain different Securities
Basic Introduction to Performance Testing
Day 16 Introduction to API/REST Testing in SOAPUI tool
Testing APIs in SOAPUI tool
SOAPUI- JSON Assertions
JSON Path Match
Json Existence Match
SOAPUI – JSON – Properties
SOAPUI – JSON – Property Transfer
SOAPUI – JSON – DataDriven Testing